A light colored full bodied strong ale that is double strength and triple fun! This kit contains: 10 lbs Light malt extract; Belgian pilsner, aromatic, German crystal malt; Tettnanger and Saaz hops; 2 lbs Belgian Candy sugar; sweet orange peel; and either Wyeast Belgian Strong or White Labs Belgian Ale liquid yeast. Or you can choose dry yeast below.

***We highly recommend you order two yeast or do a yeast starter for this recipe.  It is an extremely high starting gravity and may not ferment properly with one yeast.***


You can also choose wether or not we should crack the grains for you, or leave them intact for longer storage ( > 30 days). 

We will make every attempt to satisfy your hop preference, however some substitutions may happen. For instance some European hops are only available in pellet form.

$88.00 X
Monk Me Tripel